The aim of the archive created during the experiment is to inspire people to think about the possibilities of human-machine communication and relationships.

Since every human being is unique, every conversation is different – explore the entire archive, or unlock your own conversation from the experiment with your personal ID.

We regularly encounter thinking about the future, often in the context of predicting new trends or forecasting technological advances. But if every human being is unique and experiences reality differently, can there even be a singular future?

In the Empathic Futures experiment, 500 participants talked to their personal Empathic Intelligence (E.I.) to create an archive of human-machine communication – explore questions and conversations in the Archive Explorer App!



Empathic Futures

Facts and Figures from the App Experiment

Through an app, 500 participants could chat with their personal mobility-related Empathic Intelligence (E.I.) for 5 days, training it and building a relationship through text conversation to open up new perspectives on the future. In these infographics, you can explore fascinating facts and figures about the experiment, the participants, the E.I.s and how their relationship developed over 5 days.

E.I. Names

Each conversation started by asking the participants to choose a name for their E.I. Almost half of them picked a gender-neutral name, while the distribution of female and male names is almost equal.

Texting Behaviour

Comparing the number of sent messages, words, emojis and images between the participants and E.I.s, it is evident that the latter preferred text, while the participants used a higher number of images and emojis.

About the E.I.s

Participants were asked to describe their relationship with the E.I., its personality and what they found it most useful for. A considerable amount of participants considered their E.I. a friend.

Favourite Emojis

Some emojis were used much more frequently than others, providing insight into popular topics as well as the mood of the participants and the conversations.

Topics of Conversation

While the experiment focused on certain topics, e.g. the future of transportation, others came up naturally within the conversations. The collected data can be searched for the most common subjects.

Average Activity

While every conversation is unique, there are general activity patterns for all participants, e.g. certain days or hours in which most people were more active on average.

Empathic Futures

Experience the Future of Human-Machine

16 November 2017 – 28 February 2018
Mon – Sun: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Financial Drive, Volkswagen Group Forum
Unter den Linden 19a, 10117 Berlin

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Our findings from the experiment are showcased in the exhibition, inviting all curious individuals to examine, analyse and interact with the E.I. personalities. With your participation, we can collectively shape the most desirable future.